Aug 6, 2012

how listening to certain music affected my life

the truth is that I love music!who doesnt? music always has been a big influence in my life, as a teenager I grew up listening to D.Child, Usher,A.Keys,50 cent and many other artists. fact is that music does affects our lives in a positive or negative way either we notice it or not.
Heres the point a lot of "christians" struggle trying to let go of listening to secular music , SECULAR means not regarded as religious, spiritual or sacred which then is the opposite rite? well Jesus said who isnt with me is actually against me(Luke 11:23) now let me get back to my testimony.
Rihanna taught me how to dress and act like a h*e , Bey taught me how to run my man and 50 taught me how to be cold hearted. this 3 were my main on my Ipod , so while I was listening to Ri-Ri over and over I could care less what ppl think of me and dress with less clothes ,look like meat that attract dogs,be careless about my life,sleep around with boys and then wonder why they dont love me right.
Then when I went in a relationship I would try to run my man and tell him what to do and not to do , when we argued I would go all emotional and dramatic and play all those dramatic Beyonce songs and cry and cry the night away victimizing myself, smh...then when things got intense and we had physical fights over other women cuz we would listen to 50 cent  and think "you fk with me I get to you"  a very famous 50 cent line ,etc..
(me:Rihanna wannabe 2009)
I never realized this negative influence (this applies to t.v as well ) until I came to Christ, all this music sent a subliminal message to my mind that it showed in my actions, I was the 1 that says nah its only music I listen but I dont do what they say (big enemy`s lie) remember when the serpent told Eve "its just a fruit, nothing bad its gonna happen" well exactly the same!
Let me be clear Im not bashing nor dissing anyone the fact that I dont listen nor support their music anymore its  because  Im choosing God first ,(im choosing to be pure in body and mind) ,they are very talented artists but I think they could be using their talents to worship God.
Now if we say we love God we must obey his commandments and what it not comes from him then it comes from the devil theres only 2 options, The Lord says "do not love the world or anything in the world"(1 John 2:15)
It wasnt easy to get rid of secular music for me,the hard thing to do its to take the first step as you continue then soon it will be a habit a good one you will see, there`s so many diff styles of good Christian music that worships God and that also brings a positive message to your life I encourage you to check it out ;)..

Remember, God only wants the best for you!

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