Jul 16, 2012

God & Me 101

Psychologists and sociologists teach us that, the desire for association, is the ultimate of man's needs, we tend to look for others either if its just for company, thats our nature,loneliness is a feeling that nobody likes.
Fact is, relationships affect us either in a good or bad way.
The best relationship any human being can have its not with mom or dad, not with bf/gf or spouse, not with a human friend but with the Creator( God ). A relationship with the Almighty??? is that possible? Yes it is! 
what does this mean?
1st of all lets be real! Isnt annoying when someone else tells you what to do? like : you must pray ,  must read the bible,or you must do this you must do that? like you have to do things out of obligation? ugh! But it feels good when we do things because we want to, because we love to right? God wants you to come close to him because you want to not because you have to.
When I started seeking God one thing I knew I wanted the real one, the living God! I didnt want to be stuck in the same O repetitive prayer that gives me the feeling that Im talking to the wall :/ ,so I had to pour out my heart to Him totally nothing hidden, when you reach out sincerely to God  He helps you in those areas that you know you need help,gives you peace of mind and makes your path straight.                                     
     Tips to develop a relationship with God :
  • Make time for it! : any relationship requires time spending you cant get to know someone if you dont spend time with him .wherever/whoever is important to you ,you will find time to spend with, so make sure you set God at the top of your list ,even if your flesh tells you not to remember you supposed to be controlling it not viceversa.
  • Find a place: its important that you have a quiet place away from distraction to be alone with God.
  • Worship Him: Worshiping God is always a great way to connect with Him,singing or listening to worship songs always sets me in a good mood.
  • Talk to God and listen to Him: Make sure you pour out your heart to him everything! in your own words like you would talk to a friend , he is your friend! after you read the scripture listen to Him.
  • Bible time: its important to read and understand what you reading, start a study program ask God for knowledge and wisdom ,not just read randomly thats not studying , I recommend you read John first then Matthew,Mark and Luke then continue through the whole New Testament. Also is important to meditate in the word , if you struggling in one area meditate on the scripture on that area. Dont you just read the Word, Apply it to your life! 
The tips above can be applied without order, the important here its to develop that relationship with God, as Christ with his church(the bride)Ephesians 5:23-25, be faithful to Him and acknowledge Him in all your paths,another important thing to make the relationship work is: no cheating!(doing things he isnt pleased with) because nobody likes to be cheated on , rite?
The closer you get to Him the more you will feel his love and support! From my own experience I can tell you that God &Me time its the best time of my day!

To God be the Glory, always!

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