Aug 29, 2014

Modesty over Likes

Modesty is so "old fashion" in todays society .. but what is Modesty?? It is a mode of dress and department intended to avoid encouraging sexual attraction in others.
Now days its really entertaining and pretty "normal" showing off your body on social media, but why you do it?
You uncovered your body because deep inside you longs for attention and validation from people but not all kinds of atenttion is good. When you showing your body (you showing meat) you sending the wrong message and only "dogs" respond to that ..
So let me get this clear . so if somebody tells you your pretty you get all happy but if somebody else tells you you ugly you feeling sad?? Honey you have to have a standar and it definetely cant be people´s opinions (so changing and so wrong).
Deep inside you know you want a good man that can see beyond your body and looks, but flashing your goodies on social media wont attract that good man sis, because godly men aren´t looking for that type of women .. (do the math)
Being modest also has to do with the way you dress, for example do you expend money you dont have on pricey and branded items..such as clothes, shoes and bags?? so when u wear a 100+ dollar outfit you think you worth more than if u wearing a 25dlls one?

here is the question: where your validation comes from?
                               how much you worth?

Let me encourage you Sis. Your validation and worth comes from Christ alone, not from people or items. You are who He says you are! the bible says: you where bought with price therefore glorify God in your body , and in your spirit, wich are God`s .(1Co 6:20). Therefore you dont have to defile your temple (body) to gain approval, choose modesty over likes !
Sis , you dont need 10000 thousand likes to feel worthy you only need One and thats Christ`s , he validates you!

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