Mar 24, 2013

got standars??

hey Im back at it  .. nobody said it was going to be easy but its definitely worth it ;) after all , following Jesus its gonna cost me something its going to cost me my life I know that now  ...
 the topic today is : GOT STANDARS ? .yup when it comes to choosing the "right one" (wo/man) what is that we looking for in the other person? what are our requirements?
wow! theres alot of opinions out there for this one , Im single and I often hear from people  :" he gotta have money" ,"he gotta have an education", "he gotta be likeable/sociable guy", "he gotta look good", "he gotta have a nice personality" etc..etc..etc.. all this sounds good but is it really important ? all this is peoples opinion but as a wo/man of God what are the standars that we need to be setting?
As a child of God I think that this is the most important requirement to look for in  a wo/man :
  • HE/SHE gotta be a REAL wo/man of God , and this has nothing to do with church attendance . what I mean is that HE/SHE gotta have a genuine relationship with Christ thats shows in HIS/HER life .(you judge a tree by its fruits). if HE/SHE have this then HE/SHE will honor and respect God and respect you as well . ;)
  • HE/SHE gotta know where he/she aheading, gotta have a purpose in his life! (ladies if we talk bout your Adam he must know where he going because he supposed to be the leader .. how he gonna lead you if he doesnt know where he goin?? )

Hey, I know we are not here  lookin for Mr./Mrs. "Perfect" because we wont find Him/Her., but we lookin for someone who knows and Loves God first because God is Love and how can you love somebody if you dnt know who Love(God) is ??
I know how hard and confusing could be trying to stand up for what its right, for what the Bible says, for what God says , when  the world looks to go backwards and society seems to be having fun living by its own rules but trust me at the end God is always right and He can not be mocked.

I encourage you to wait on his perfect timing and trust Him with your life ,hold your standars high according to Him and stand up for what its true and right even when you feel like you are the only one choosing righteousness,  keep walking on the narrow path that you have already chosen nobody said it would be easy but its definitely worth it ;) ....

with Love,
your sister Cora .

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